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We provide the raw material sourcing along with a variety of value added services so that you can focus on the manufacture process, growth and prosperity of your business.

HT Metals Isn’t Just a Metal Distributor. We’re Your Strategic Business Partner.

When it comes to building something big, you can’t waste time waiting on raw materials. You’re on a tight budget and you need a strategic business partner that understands your needs.

HT Metals is that business partner.

We’re so much more than a metal distributor. Owned and operated by metallurgy expert, Carlos Ruiz, HT Metals understands the importance of getting you the best prices on your raw materials, and the precise cuts cuts to keep your project moving forward fast. How can we help your business thrive?

IMG_0521_sizedAbrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting is popular for many reasons. You get quality edge finishes without warping, stressing or thermal distortion. That means your metals are cut perfectly every time.

At HT Metals, we have our own in-house waterjet machine, which we reserve exclusively for use on customer projects. That means you’ll get the perfectly cut metals you need on time, every time. Learn more…


Stainless Steel Supply


Stainless steel is a popular metal because it doesn’t rust or stain as easily as regular steel. It’s tough enough to be used in some

of the most demanding environments, such as aerospace projects and in medical devices. We carry a wide range of round bar, flat bar, tubing and piping and more. Check out the supply we make available on-demand..


roundbarMetal Sourcing

Are you looking for a specific type of raw material? Don’t want to break the budget to buy the metal you need? Let us source it for you!

As a metal distributor, we offer competitive pricing on a variety of metals, including titanium and steel alloy. Always ask us before you place your order. We could save you money and time by sourcing the specific metals you need.

See the metals we can source for you…

Cutting (2)Material Management

Sourcing your metals is just the beginning. Owner and operator, Carlos Ruiz, is an expert in metallurgy. He will work with your team to reduce lead time, inventory and back office costs by lowering the number of invoices, freight bills, tracking, etc. If you make repeat orders for high volume materials, HT Metals will help you manage your raw materials at a fraction of the cost you’re paying now.

Contact us for details about how we can help you save time and money..




HT MetalsProduction Saw Cutting

In addition to our popular waterjet cutting, we also use two full automatic horizontal band saws capable of cutting material up to 16-inches in diameter or cross section. These saws help you get the right shapes and sizes for your large projects in a fraction of the time.

Need some of your raw materials cut? Contact us.




copper-1504098_1280Specialty Scrap Metal Purchasing and Selling

Do you have excess inventory lying around? Don’t let it go to waste! HT Metals will consider buying scrap metals, such as Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt, Stainless Steel and Tungsten Carbide.

Are you interested in buying some of these surplus metals? We will sell them to you at a fraction of the price you’ll pay from other metal distributors.

See the current excess inventory we have for sale now…