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We provide the raw material sourcing along with a variety of value added services so that you can focus on the manufacture process, growth and prosperity of your business.

The Metal Supply You Need. The Prices and Service You Desire.

Our vision is to be Arizona’s premier provider of ready to manufacture custom transformed raw material. We achieve this by providing the raw material sourcing along with a variety of value added services so that you, our customer, can focus on the manufacturing processes, growth and prosperity of your business.

Why HT Metals?

Too much time is lost in material purchases these days. Many machine shops and fabricators subcontract (or have the distributor subcontract) the custom waterjet cutting of 2D shapes. This adds onto the cost of the metal and slows the delivery of the order.

HT Metals is different.

We’re a distributor. That means, we’re able to save you money by beating the material prices of other waterjet providers.

Your projects take priority. We never sell extra capacity on our waterjet machine, which means we can offer quick custom transformation of the raw materials to your custom dimensions. .

It’s these unique features that allow your projects to move faster at a more cost effective price.

Sourcing for All Your Metal Needs

Searching for Stainless Steel? Aluminum? Titanium? Another type of metal? We’ve got you covered. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in-house, we’ll source it for you. Never buy metal without asking us for a quote first. You’ll be amazed at how competitive our prices are compared to other metal distributors.

Expert Metallurgical Advice

Owner and operator, Carlos Ruiz, is an expert in metallurgy. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Material Science and Engineering. His expertise is your advantage. With Carlos’s help, you can get expert engineering advice with your large custom cut order.

Exclusive Waterjet Services

HT Metals is the only raw material distributor in Arizona with an abrasive waterjet machine. We don’t use heat or lasers, which means there is no change in the metallurgical structure. fluctuation in measurements. Every custom cut is done perfectly. With our on-site waterjet machine, you get raw materials in the dimensions you need, faster.

Industries We Serve

HT Metals has helped a wide range of people, businesses and organizations get the raw materials they need to thrive. Here are some of the industries we serve most often.

  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing/Fabrication
  • Machine Equipment

  • Screw Machine Work

Does your business need perfectly cut raw materials to create your next product or part?

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The HT Metals Promise

The entire team at HT Metals operates under three core values.

1. Customer service distinguishes us.

Our customers have choices and they choose us because we provide raw material and services that they value. Whether it is because of our sourcing expertise, value added services, materials knowledge or the respect on each contact, our customers choose HT Metals.

2. We strive for excellence and quality.

Our customers are producing parts for some of the most demanding industries. We strive to be as detail oriented as possible and to ensure we are delivering quality materials and products to our customers.

3. Employee pride.

Our employees take pride in working together, providing and custom transforming raw materials used in a variety of industries throughout the world.

Carlos-Ruiz Head Shot


Meet Carlos Ruiz

Owner/Operator of HT Metals

Carlos graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Material Science and Engineering. Since then, he has worked throughout the aerospace industry’s raw material supply chain, including in a turbine engine manufacturer, specialty alloy mill and specialty metals scrap processor.

Today, he oversees all operations at HT Metals, ensuring the vision statement he put in place for his company lives up to its high standards.

As a business leader, Carlos believes he should also be a leader in the community. He participates heavily in the direction of the local business community by participating on the Tanque Verde Unified School District board and as an active member in the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.